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1. Rewrite your assignment in your own words so you know that you
understand it. If you realize you don’t understand the assignment, ask
your teacher to clarify it for you.
2. Write the keywords you identified from the previous page.
3. Locate a resource, like an encyclopedia article, that might give you a
good overview of your topic. Add to your list of questions and keywords.
(Make sure you write down the name of your resource and article title.
You will need to cite your resources, something that will be covered
later in this guide.)
4. Make a list of sources where you think you can find information on
your topic like books, databases, and Internet websites.
Click on the table below to download a printable worksheet.
Pre-Search Strategies
Zoom-in on what you need to know before you search. This way,
you can be sure you’ll pick out relevant information from the
results lists you’ll be working with.