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Finding Information & Choosing Keywords
Coming up with keywords can be easier if you:
1. Start by writing down as much information as you already know about the topic you’ve chosen.
2. Write down some questions you have about what else you need to know about the topic.
For example:
Your topic is illegal immigration.
I know that illegal immigration is a big issue in Texas and other states that share a
border with Mexico. In the newspaper, I’ve read about some ranchers shooting illegal
immigrants crossing their lands while others leave out supplies to help them travel
safely. Texas is debating this issue and I’ve heard it called sanctuary cities.
Questions I have.
What are sanctuary cities?
What are the effects of illegal immigration on the U.S. economy?
Does illegal immigration actually benefit the U.S. in any way?
What are the estimated numbers of illegal immigrants in Texas every year?
What happens to illegal immigrants when they are caught?
3. Go through what you have written and use a highlighter or circle what you think are the most important
words or phrases.
4. List synonyms for the words you selected.
For example:
every year/annual; happens/results; caught/captured/detained
Click on the table below to download a printable worksheet.
Knowing how to search will help you save time looking for the good information you
need. Identifying keywords will help. Keywords are just that, words that work just like a
key and unlock access to relevant material about your topic.