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How to Use the Thinkmap
Visual Thesaurus
The Visual Thesaurus can help you choose a good synonym for either your research
key words or as you are writing your research paper. Just remember, you don’t want to
use it to “paraphrase” something by simply changing a few words. That is plagiarism.
Paraphrasing means to put the information into your own words. The Visual Thesaurus
can help you avoid choosing synonyms that are the wrong part of speech. It can also
help you avoid using the same word over and over.
Hovering over a colored dot brings up
the definition.
Turning on Help will bring up a yellow
box telling you what the dots and lines
The other words are synonyms based
on the meaning from which their line
extends. For example, refuge, and
asylum are synonyms for the definition
shown in the red box.
The colored dots show the different
meanings of the word. The dots are
color-coded by part of speech, the
color matching the parts of speech
and definitions shown on the far right.
a shelter from
danger or hardship