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For a basic search, enter a key word or
phrase (in quotation marks) then click
How to Use EBSCO
Student Research Center
If you want to save your work from
session-to-session, click on Sign In and
create an account for yourself.
It is possible to narrow your search by
searching within a topic area.
You can fine-tune your search by select-
ing only the types of resources you
need. For example, if you only need a
map, uncheck everything, then click
Photos, Maps & Flags.
It is best to check Full Text so that your
search results will allow you to actually
read the article. You can also limit your
search by publication, date, and lexile.
Lexile limit ensures the results are
within your reading abilities.
Find resources from popular magazines, newspapers, journals, nonfiction books,
primary source documents, and an extensive image collection.