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Very Well
Could have done better
I completed everything required in the
The paper/project is in my own
I used a parenthetical citation every time I
I proved my thesis statement.
I used a variety of resources such as
books, periodicals, databases, and the
I have notes, an outline, and a graphic
organizer to show how I did my research.
I learned something from working on this
I gave an interesting oral presentation
without reading directly from my notes.
I gave an interesting multimedia
presentation without reading directly from
my slides or having everything I said on my
I was well informed on my topic and able
to answer any questions posed to me.
My multimedia presentation was informa-
tive, in my own words, and had pictures
that represented my topic.
I was inspired to do extra reading on the
topic or related topics.
Excellent Work!
Before you turn in your research project, go over everything thoroughly to ensure you
have done the best job possible.