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Your final product could be a research paper, a multimedia presentation, a poster, a verbal report,
a model, a documentary, or something else that you will create. This may be determined by your
teacher or may be mutually agreed upon ahead of time. The final project will also depend on your
audience and the technologies available at your school.
Research Paper
A research paper has four parts.
- In this first paragraph you define your topic and what you intend to prove about
your topic.
– The body of the paper is used to present your arguments and findings. This should
reflect your findings based on what you read. Quotations,
paraphrases, or summaries should be used to support what
you are saying. A well-written paper is not a string of
quotations from other people. Remember,
the point of a research paper is to show
what you have learned about the topic and to use
the information you gathered to come to your own conclusions.
– The conclusion summarizes your findings and ties
everything together. If you started with a thesis statement, the
conclusion will be a summary of how you proved your thesis statement.
Works Cited or Bibliography
– In the body of the paper you used
paranthetical citations to give a quick reference to the source in the form of
the author’s last name or the first word in the article title and a page number.
For example (Author 10). The Works Cited page or Bibliography is used to give the
complete information about all the sources you used and allows the reader to go to the
source and read the information for him/herself.
Multimedia Presentation
A multimedia presentation serves as a visual aid for an oral presentation. Keep the
information simple with plenty of pictures. You can include audio or video clips. Remember
the point of doing the presentation is to organize and present what you’ve learned.
A poster will include mainly pictures to present your information and show what you’ve
learned. Text should be minimal.
Oral Presentation
Know what you are talking about! Have note cards in case you get stuck on something. Make good
eye contact with your audience. Be animated.
Your Final Product