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OrganizingYour Information
Organizing your notes will help you save time and make sense of the information you find. Consider using
a graphic organizer to help connect your ideas to one another. There are many different types of graphic
organizers including organizers that allow you to print them and fill them out online.
Examples of graphic organizers:
Venn Diagram
A Venn diagram is useful for comparing and
contrasting information.
KWHL Chart
A KWHL chart helps you determine what you already know about a topic and what additional information
you need to find.
Concept Map
A concept map organizes information into sub-topics and shows how they are related to each other.
Try these online graphic organizers:
• Bubbl –
• Gliffy –
Create a free account and save your work online.  
What I Know
What I Want to know How I can find out
What I Learned